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Our specialty concrete coatings are ideal finishes when you are looking to resurface concrete floors.

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Concrete Resurfacing

Dura-Coat is an Experienced, Reputable Contractor specializing in resurfacing concrete. The concrete can be old with cracks or it can be new and you just want to dress it up so it doesn't have the typical plain concrete look. We do more than just apply a concrete paint.

Dura-Coat uses specialized concrete products to create beautiful surfaces that have a compressive strength of over 10,000 average psi which provide an architectural, load bearing surface. These surfaces are sealed and non-porous, resist chemicals and withstand freeze-thaw cycles as well as intense heat and ultraviolet sun rays. The result is an outstanding, durable and attractive surface which is amazingly simple to maintain. Safety considerations can be enhanced by the increased slip resistance of our surfaces.

Dura-Coat currently provides its services in Chicagoland Illinois and Southern Wisconsin.

Dura-Coat concrete resurfacing

Thanks to the amazing Artisans at Dura-Coat and superior time-tested products, you are only limited by your imagination !

Resurfacing concrete like never before – Dura-Coat .

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Resurfacing concrete in the US CANADA and MEXICO